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Erectile dysfunction can take away a lot of men’s pride. For them to not be able to perform like they used to leads to embarrassment as well as self loathing. In today’s day we no longer have to be a slave to our deteriorating bodies thanks to the help of medical science. Over the last decade there have been a few noteworthy treatments for erectile dysfunction that should certainly be explored by men that are plagued with this problem. Levitra is one of these top rated medications that were created to put the closeness back into a relationship between couples. So should you use Levitra?

Levitra could what you are waiting for if you suffer from erectile dysfunction but just like most drugs there are some negative side effects. What side effects can users of Levitra experience? The following side effects have been reported by some Levitra users. - headache - flushing (warm or burning feeling, usually in the face) - indigestion - stuffy nose You should see your doctor as soon as possible if you notice any of the following side effects. If any of these are not brought to the attention of your doctor it could make the condition worse and cause some serious problems. - abnormal vision (e.g., decreased vision, blurry vision, increased sensitivity to light, changes in the ability to tell the difference between blue and green) - decrease or loss of hearing - temporary memory loss Although most side effects are only experienced by a few of the users of this drug if you are one of them try Viagra or Cialis. You really need to find out what drug is right for you because some side effects can be uncomfortable while other side effects can be dangerous to your health.

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